About us

About Us

We are really pleased to be able to start home visits again now that Covid-19 restrictions have been relaxed. Please contact us to arrange a visit – https://help-in-bereavement.org.uk/contact

HiB offers a voluntary, supportive and totally confidential visiting service for bereaved people.

Help in Bereavement was set up in 1979 as a response to the perceived needs of those suffering the grief, loneliness and social isolation caused by losing someone they love. We offer a free visiting service covering Portsmouth, Gosport, Fareham and Havant (SE Hampshire).

​HiB Visitors :

  • are just ordinary people from all walks of life;
  • give their time free of charge, to help people suffering from bereavement;
  • have, in many cases, suffered bereavement themselves; 
  • are DBS checked;
  • receive specialised training to recognise the needs of the bereaved regardless of when the bereavement happened.

“We offer support for as long as it is needed.”

​We offer support for as long as it is needed. In some cases a state of unresolved grief can go on indefinitely. However long it takes, the objective of the Visitor is the same – to help the bereaved person to reach the point where he or she can pick up the pieces and resume normal contact with the outside world. Apart from the listening service, Visitors can be of practical assistance to the bereaved: helping with form-filling for example, or finding out about local clubs and groups they can join.

​Visitors are available to talk to you on the telephone or will be happy to meet you in your own home or at another agreed place.

​It is estimated that our Visitors’ contribution to the community amounts to about 4,000 hours per year visiting people on a one-to-one basis and running various support groups.

​Our Visitors have made a significant difference to many people’s lives !



We have no specific future events planned at the moment. One-off events will be listed here when details are available.

First Steps

First Steps

Guilt, Confusion, Sadness, Depression, Frustration, Fear, Anger, Vulnerability, Longing, Hopelessness, Pining, Yearning, Loss of Appetite, Tension, Sleeping Problems, Irritability, Exhaustion, Apathy, Lack of Concentration……

Is this you?

Do you have some of these symptoms? An untimely death can shake even the most balanced families.

What can you do about it?

  • Confide in family and friends
  • Allow yourself time to grieve
  • Call HiB who will send a visitor, a listening ear

“Talking about these emotions…may help.”

​”Grief is the price you pay for love”
Grief is a normal, essential response to the death of a loved one.  At times your emotions may be like being on a roller coaster! Talking about these emotions rather than bottling them up may help.

Practical  Help                    

What to do when a death occurs.

Make a checklist:

​Visit the governmental advice page (click here), which will take you through the various steps. 

​Stop unwanted direct mail to a deceased person: 

Link to the Bereavement Register’s website or contact them at this address: 

The Bereavement Register®
TN13 1XR

Tel: 01732 467940
Tel: 0800 082 1230 – 24 hour automated registration service
Fax: 01732 460036
Email: help@thebereavementregister.org.uk